Below are some links that may be of interest to those seeking information regarding medical malpractice cases:

This is a publication created by Bruce J. Klores & Associates, P.C. and used in a yearly DC Continuing Legal Education class. Please contact Bruce J. Klores & Associates, P.C. for full course files.

  • 2. Inside the Minds: Representing Plaintiffs in Medical Malpractice Cases

Representing Plaintiffs in Medical Malpractice Cases provides an authoritative, insider’s perspective on mounting an effective medical malpractice case. Featuring experienced partners from law firms across the nation, these experts guide the reader through the process of evaluating a claim and ultimately bringing it to trial. These top lawyers offer advice on working through the discovery process, selecting suitable experts, addressing the jury, demonstrating negligence, and proving the client suffered injury.  Additionally, these experts discuss important legislation, common types of medical malpractice cases, and settlement options.  The different niches represented and the breadth of perspectives presented enable readers to get inside some of the great legal minds of today, as these experienced lawyers offer up their thoughts on the keys to success within this ever-changing area of law.  Download Mr. Klores’ chapter in PDF here.

  • 3. American Association of Justice: “The Problem With Privileges” by Bruce J. Klores
  •     and Joseph A. Smith

Medical malpractice cases against physicians may reveal another tortfeasor – the hospital that negligently granted credentials and privileges to the physician.  Download the article in PDF here.

  • 4. KNOW Magazine: “Medical Records and the Legal Nurse Consultant” by Anne D. Pile.

The litigation team is only as successful as the information they understand and then can use to represent their client.  A legal nurse consultant who understands the medical is an essential part of this team.  It is with this expertise in medicine that the medical record becomes less complex and understandable, which can become an invaluable tool in navigating through any case that involves medicine. Read Anne’s article here.