What is Insurance Bad Faith or Wrongful Conduct?

Typically, an insurance company owes a duty of good faith and fair dealing to those they insure. Insurers must meet a variety of standards for their clients. When insurance companies act wrongly, their clients may suffer substantially. Victims of insurance misconduct can often bring claims against their insurer in order to recover for their losses.

Do I Have a Claim for Insurance Recovery?

Insurance companies are required to uphold their duty of good faith and fair dealing with policy holders. To do this, insurers must fulfill their contractual duties by paying valid claims that their policy holders make, and doing so promptly. If an insurance company fails to meet their contractural and other legal duties, the policy holder may be able to bring claims for insurance recovery against them.

What Are Some Examples of Insurance Bad Faith and Wrongful Conduct?

Here are some examples of claims for insurance recovery:

  1. Denying an insurance claim without reason
  2. Failing to conduct a complete investigation
  3. Failing to affirm or deny coverage of claims within a reasonable time frame
  4. Ignoring telephone calls, letters, and emails about a valid claim
  5. Offering a claimant less than their claim is worth
  6. Denying or significantly delaying claims for medical treatment
  7. Refusing to pay or delaying the payment of a valid claim
  8. Making threatening or inappropriate statements
  9. Misrepresenting or incorrectly stating the law or the insurance policy language
  10. Refusing a claimant's reasonable requests for documentation
  11. Exposing the policy holder to personal liability by failing to pay a claim

When Do You Need an Insurance Recovery Attorney?

It is particularly important to contact an attorney for insurance claims because typically, insurance companies will employ large teams of highly skilled lawyers, meant to intimidate you. Having an experienced lawyer advocate for you gives you the best chance of obtaining compensation. Our firm has experience with insurance bad faith claims, to better assist you in your case. The Washington Post describes one of our insurance recovery verdicts here.

Our History of Success

After a month-long trial, Mr. Klores obtained a jury verdict of $23 million on behalf of his clients Fred and Eileen Wilson against a group of neurosurgeons. Fred was a plumber left in a vegetative state as a result of the defendants’ negligence. Eileen gave up her job to take care of him at home. All of the doctors wanted to settle. One of the doctors paid his insurance limits of $4 million before trial to settle. The other two had a different insurance company that refused to offer a penny despite the doctors demands to settle.  After the verdict, those doctors were exposed to $17 million of personal liability. They assigned their right to sue their insurance company for “bad faith” to Mr. Klores, who brought the case and forced the insurance company to pay the full verdict. Read about the case here, in the Washington Post.

Mr. Klores is the only attorney in Washington, DC recognized by SuperLawyers in the Professional Liability field due to his extensive experience representing clients in medical. legal and other professional negligence settings.