An amputation injury lawsuit can provide recourse for patients who have suffered a limb loss as a result of a physician's medical malpractice.

Anesthetic error lawsuits provide recourse for patients who have suffered from a physician's error, including administering the incorrect amount or type of anesthesia.

A birth injury lawsuit can provide much needed compensation for families who have suffered Cerebral Palsy, brain injuries, Erb’s Palsy, or fractures.

A cerebral palsy lawsuit can hold medical professionals accountable which may prevent similar incidences and provide a lifetime of necessary care to victims.

When a catastrophic injury or fatality is the result of a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose, victims may be able to file a failure to diagnose lawsuit to recover compensation.

Medication error lawsuits can provide recourse for patients who have suffered or experienced a catastrophic injury as a result of a medication error.

When a debilitating paralysis injury is caused by medical negligence, a paralysis medical malpractice lawsuit can help victims recover costs.

A surgical error lawsuit can provide compensation for those who have suffered surgical errors such as medication errors, wrong-sided surgeries, anesthetic errors, infections, or poorly-made incisions.

When emergency room negligence occurs, victims can typically recover for permanent disability, a loss of income or financial support, and additional medical expenses.

Genetic testing lawsuits may help families recover compensation when a physician fails to properly counsel or screen for genetic abnormalities during pregnancy.

Our History of Success

After a month-long trial, Mr. Klores obtained a jury verdict of $23 million on behalf of his clients Fred and Eileen Wilson against a group of neurosurgeons. Fred was a plumber left in a vegetative state as a result of the defendants’ negligence. Eileen gave up her job to take care of him at home. All of the doctors wanted to settle. One of the doctors paid his insurance limits of $4 million before trial to settle. The other two had a different insurance company that refused to offer a penny despite the doctors demands to settle.  After the verdict, those doctors were exposed to $17 million of personal liability. They assigned their right to sue their insurance company for “bad faith” to Mr. Klores, who brought the case and forced the insurance company to pay the full verdict. Read about the case here, in the Washington Post.

Mr. Klores is the only attorney in Washington, DC recognized by SuperLawyers in the Professional Liability field due to his extensive experience representing clients in medical. legal and other professional negligence settings.